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AGI is recuiting reviewers for teaching materials developed by the NSF-funded interdisciplinary Teaching about Earth for a Sustainable Future (InTeGrate) project, which is operated by the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College. The InTeGrate project has developed innovative teaching materials, primarily for college classrooms that link teaching about the Earth to grand challenges facing society. The materials are being made available on the internet without cost for use in geoscience instruction. Cathy Manduca, Director of SERC, has asked AGI to spread the word that there is a need for geoscience professionals to volunteer to review the scientific content of the InTeGrate materials as they are prepared to be published on the InTeGrate website. Individuals can sign up to review materials online bu visiting the SERC website at Carleton College. Contact Stuart Birnbaum (stuart.birnbaum@sbcglobal.net) with any questions. 


GSA Annual Meeting, 22-25 October, Seattle, WA. 




Vendors listed here are not endorsed by HESS, but provide services that HESS members may find useful.


Some helpful resources for the history of geology are listed below. Please let us know of digital projects and online resources pertaining to the history of geology and we will add them to this list.